R8 Revolver is kind of GR8

R8 Revolver.jpg

So I haven’t played CS:GO in a while and I heard about a new gun in CS:GO that came in with the winter update. Merry Christmas to all of us and what do we get? The R8 Revolver. Though it was nerfed 3 days after it’s release, I can say that it still packs a powerful punch. It feels so satisfying to hear “BAM BAM DEAD” when you unload with this beauty. I just hope Valve doesn’t remove this from the game.



Food Place For a Stuffed Face

What does everybody enjoy doing? (No, don’t answer the question.) Regardless of whether or not you enjoy it, you’re gonna have to eat sometime. And you know what? Everybody I know who’s from UPB happens to love love loooooove eating. No exceptions! Friends, classmates, profs… they will mention food at some point. And some more often than others. Verdict? Acads or no, scholars love eating. Let me just list down a few expressions I hear often.

“tara caf”

“tara guys kain”

“uy tara sa silungan”(cheap place to eat near SM)

“feed me”

“tol gutom nako”

“gibe food pls”

anywhooo in relation to that, I was able to at a place called Mesa. Apparently it won a Philippine something or other thing? idrk. I ate ostrich. Pretty bland imo. (Pic related)IMAG1450

Here’s the something or other thing it won.IMAG1452.jpg

Anywho, I’m serious about UPB peeps loving food trips and all that. But then again, who doesn’t?

Family Time Yih

GREAT MORNING even though it’s not morning at all! So as I mentioned in a previous post, I was out in Pampanga for a couple of days, and you know, it got me thinking. “How do I turn this into a blog post. I have to make like 4 omg.” And then it hit me like whoa. SCHOLARS LIKE SPENDING TIME WITH THEIR FAMILY. Especially the ones that don’t live in Baguio lol. My mind was blown right then and there in the hotel room. Well, unless of course you don’t have such a good relationship with your family. If that’s the case, then I sincerely hope that it gets sorted out and all ends well for you guys. It absolutely sucks to be in that situation. Anyway, back to happy bubbly fun time.

So we drove on over to Pampanga for mom’s high school reunion, and us children tagged along because hey, why not? We got to spend a little bit of quality time together over at Hotel Gracelane (totally cool very orange hotel which appears to be a Christian establishment so yeah awesome. Pic related btw.)IMAG1440.jpg

It was a pretty cool experience, and I hope y’all scholars and sirs out there have a very merry Christmas and get to spend lots of time with fam, friends, and foes alike. Picture dump.IMAG1428

This tv.

IMAG1431.jpgThese trees.

IMAG1442.jpgThis fountain.IMAG1432.jpgThis mirror.IMAG1430.jpgTHESE trees.IMAG1429.jpgBlurry bedside Bible.IMAG1443.jpgHO. HO. HO.

Totally Not Late Post About Pasik

Alright, so I was outta commission for a few days. No big deal. Just got back home from a trip to Pampanga (which I’ll talk about later), but I’m up and ready for a POST ABOUT PASIKLABAN OMG. So after all the legal torture that UPB scholars receive from the piles and piles of (necessary) school work we do, Pasik happens. It’s a Christmas thing. Anyhow, there’s the lantern parade (which I won’t talk about in detail because I don’t have any pics of that </3), the oblation run (which I don’t plan on talking about at all because well, jiggle jiggle), the fireworks display (ah, this, I’ll talk about), and all of the performances from the various college faculty (and staff) members. Anyhow, the fireworks arrangement was loud. No duh. They were all set off in the parking lot on campus, and everybody was super duper close, and it was really loud. Being that close to something that loud must have damaged some ears lol, but anyway about the fireworks themselves. It was quite a pretty display, featuring ALL YOUR FAVORITE COLORS SUCH AS RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, AND WHITE, plus the actual arrangement and patterns they made in the sky were okay. It wasn’t really something spectacular, but at least all the scholars and teachers and guests could enjoy it after a long year of backbreaking work, yeah? Not much else to say about the fireworks.

Next up was the oblation run. After that, it was the college performances! (I told you I wouldn’t talk about the run lol.) So all three colleges had their own respective performances. CAC(College of Arts and Communication[s?]) made a video parody of a Ghost Fighter episode, CS(College of Science) had a cool little intro video that transitioned into a dance number, and CSS(College of Social Science[s]) dished out a sweet mixtape medley of their own versions of popular songs. I swear, all the scholars look forward to this part of the program. The crowd was so thick and everybody was watching and listening so closely that they gave almost no room to breathe. I understand though, since it’s basically watching those same professors and teachers and other peeps, who terrorize you whole year round, put on a show meant not to destroy your hopes and dreams. Here’s a vid of the CAC performance that they posted lol. Soz but I don’t have any for the rest ;w;

So yeah, after all the hard work, UPB scholars enjoy the cheery atmosphere and upbeat (heh UPbeat) event called the P-P-P-PASIKLABAAAAAAAN! Also, it means people get to home soon after. Like legit home to their families and stuff. So yeah. This came out longer than I planned.(Random Bold Words To Confuse You)


Drawing: An Art in Itself


We all know that everyone can draw but not all are gifted and skilled, though with enough practice and hard work, we will be able to materialize our mental image and appreciate other’s work, maybe even transcend our masters.

I used to only draw stick figures or simple figures, but after some practice and suggestions from friends, I am starting to create my own art style. Drawing for me has always been a hobby, my passion for drawing all started when my friends were great at drawing while I was not. Soon, I wish to learn how to color my drawings and give life to it.

It relaxes my mind and muscles, disconnects me from other worries and focuses my concentration. So what are you waiting for? Start now, and create your own art style. Practice and keep practicing.