R8 Revolver is kind of GR8

R8 Revolver.jpg

So I haven’t played CS:GO in a while and I heard about a new gun in CS:GO that came in with the winter update. Merry Christmas to all of us and what do we get? The R8 Revolver. Though it was nerfed 3 days after it’s release, I can say that it still packs a powerful punch. It feels so satisfying to hear “BAM BAM DEAD” when you unload with this beauty. I just hope Valve doesn’t remove this from the game.



Pasiklaban ’15: In the Eyes of a Lantern Holder

As a member of the four lantern holders of A_HQ, I had a good time. I got to see people either cheering at us or simply waiting for the parade to pass by. The lantern was not really that heavy, but holding it up for a long period made my arms ache though not to the point that I cannot lift them up anymore.

A_HQ’s lantern was beautiful even though it was flimsy. It shows the essence of Japan’s sophisticated culture. I like it very much. However, it wasn’t very lit when night came. It only had one light source, and it was not bright enough for the lantern to be seen from afar. That was its flaws. Another is, well, the distinction from Japan to China. I heard a child said “Hey, it’s China!” I smirked a little. I guess it was our fault that we did not put a lot of Japanese elements to the lantern. I thought the cherry blossoms were a dead giveaway.

It was a fun experience for me and for everyone else who participated in the parade. The lanterns were all equally beautiful, and the people are very enthusiastic about the whole event altogether. So enthusiastic that they would even streak at Metro Baguio. I wouldn’t do that. No. Never. I respect their reason as to why though.

I did not get to see the whole event since it would end at 1am. I went home at around 8pm, so I know I missed a lot. Even if you did stay until the end, you would still miss some since there is a lot happening at the same time. Good people and entertaining programs will definitely keep you up ’till dawn.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Pasiklaban!


So this happened today…

So I was at work, and my co-worker introduced me to a new student of mine who was the previous student of my co-worker. When the lesson started, of course we had our introductions. His name was… River. I was like “C’mon, I just finished To The Moon. Why does the universe have to remind of that game again.

So here I am… listening to it’s soundtrack… on the verge of crying

Note: Game is To The Moon. It’s a sad story of dying man who wants to go to the moon




“Hello old friend. It’s been a while. Did you miss me? Well, I did. Yeah, the exams were hectic, but I managed. We have a lot of catching up to do.”

Finally back to playing this gem. So I’ll probably be busy for the next few weeks. Don’t look for me.