Bullet Hell: Beautiful Yet Terrifying

The above animation was my attempt at this stage. It was from a stage in Touhou 14.3: Impossible Spell Card. Touhou Project by ZUN composes mainly on vertical-style shooting games, but there are some fighting games. It’s well-known as bullet hell shooters or danmaku in Japanese. This particular game in the series is all about the spell cards of bosses. Spell cards are their ultimate power unleashed in the form of complex bullet patterns. The game is very frustrating to beginners, and even more so to veterans. The game punishes you with tons of various bullets coming your way, and you have to avoid all of them since you die with one hit. But the game is not relentless since your character’s hitbox is the tiny portion in her abdomen area emphasized with a red orb when the player chooses to slow down movement.

My experience with these bullet hell games have not been all that pleasant. I cannot count how many times I had to retry just to get to that stage shown in the footage. That was the last stage in the game, but not the hardest. I had to skip those because the patterns were random. Even up until now, I haven’t finished them yet.

But if you do finish a stage, the feeling cannot be expressed accurately. It’s like knocking down a huge tree with only your fists. It’s like writing a full thesis in one day. It’s like getting the ultimate weapon after countless hours of grinding. An impossible stage, cleared. The sense of euphoria in clearing that stage cannot be scaled to be fit into an English term. It’s just that rewarding!

So if you like challenging games that will make you pull of your hair and you appreciate the patterns done, any bullet hell shooter in the Touhou Project franchise is for you!



Me trying to teach.

What is a safety roll?

A safety roll is a move that is used to lessen the effects of impact after jumping from a moderately high place, and is also used to conserve a bit of momentum instead of coming to an abrupt stop after landing. Being able to execute a safety roll is an ability that will come in handy for people planning to practice parkour in the future, and it is a very basic skill to acquire.


  1. Kneel on one leg and put both of your hands on the floor in front of you. This will be the starting position for the roll.
  2. Start pushing yourself off and tuck your head. Your arms will go a little bit under your body while your legs go over. When rolling, you will want to roll from the shoulder aligned with the leg you are kneeling on to the opposite hip. Remember to always tuck your head and keep it safe.
  3. Make sure that after the roll your feet hit the ground, and not any other parts of your legs.
  4. You may stand up and continue running after the roll, or you can simply stop and take a break.

I advise you practice on a mat or grass before rolling on harder surfaces like cement. Sorry if my explanation was confusing. I had a hard time putting everything into words. I’ll have a few more how-to articles in a bit, so I guess this is practice. More than anything, stay safe when practicing!

Touhou 13 (46)

No good.



Trying to tickle my imagination so I can think of a good plot for a few stories. Did I mention that I have to do this? I have to do this. Stare at Cirno and be thankful that you’re smart. Oh hey, I actually posted twice in the same hour.

I woke up late today.

Just like every other day.
It sucks to wake up 30 minutes after my alarm goes off.

Anyway, lets play play play! I just started with Ten Desires. Pretty good so far, and just hard as usual. Happy Halloween? Happy Happy Halloween.