Biking gone wrong


It was quite some time ago, had nothing to do for summer break. I was lying on my bed thinking of what to do tomorrow. Then I decided to take a ride in a bike from Puregold to John Hay, to take a ride in the yellow trail for the first time, and back with my brother… The next day, everything was fine. When suddenly, while I was at along the yellow trail, my bike suddenly skidded and left me on the floor.

The bike was on the edge of the cliff, my foot got stuck in between the frame… After a while, I got up and had to carry the bike for some time. And later on, my knee started to feel pain. Then and there I decided that I can’t continue… and so my brother went and took a taxi. I had to carry the bike all the way up the stairs to get to the nearest road to get home. But I still continue to bike occasionally.

Note: pic was taken after the accident while resting XD