Binbougami Ga! Final Review [Great]

Ahahaha…. While waiting for the next chapters of Binbougami ga! I decided to reblog something about it. It’s currently my favourite manga, and I just love the comedy. Comedy is probably the genre I like the most. I always love a good laugh. Basically the plot of this manga is a story of a misfortune god (Momiji) traveling to the human realm to fix a problem. That problem is a human with an insanely high amount of happiness energy (Ichiko). The misfortune god fails to immediately accomplish her goals, so she remains in the human realm to complete her mission. That marks the beginning of their days as a comedic duo. Okay, so there are various personalities in this manga, but my favourite character would have to be Nadeshiko. I’ve always loved ninja type characters, and the way the creator merged the ojou-sama personality with the traits of a ninja struck me as something that would remain quite interesting. The way she speaks, coupled with her actions, show that she’s a strong-willed character and a bit of a tsundere. Plus, she’s a loli. I’m very fond of those kind. Other than anime, I like ponies. If you’ve read up to here, then good job! Back to the topic. I started reading/watching Binbougami ga! because of a certain post from a certain facebook page. I’m eternally grateful to that admin baka…. Another reason why I like it is because it reminds me of Gintama. You readers probably don’t know me, so let me take this chance to say that I LOVE GINTAMA (Insert force balance push here)! Well, in the end I’m just going to recommend Binbougami ga! to people who like comedy, moral lessons, and are male. I say that because most of the main characters are female. Alrighty then. You should go read the actual review now.

Sushi GoKart


Title: Binbougami Ga!
TV Series; Episodes 13
Genre: Comedy
Produced: Sunrise

Calling Ichiko Sakura a lucky girl would be an understatement. She has so much luck that it creates a vortex in the fortune/misfortune continuum, and causes despair to those around her. In order to set things right, the gods send in Momiji, a goddess of misfortune, to drain Ichiko of her excess fortune and return peace to the world.

It’s fun premise that serves as a great set up for the slapstick shenanigans that ensue. Ichiko and Momiji butt heads repeatedly throughout the thirteen episodes that create some memorable moments throughout the show. I can’t say that there wasn’t an outing where I didn’t laugh out loud so hard that the other people in my house wondered if something was wrong with me.

But surprisingly enough, Binbougami Ga! isn’t a one trick pony. It likes to mix things…

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Feeling Paranoid Yet?

Playing Slender has never felt so good. I’m alone right now, and I just finished a game of Slender (Mansion). I lost, of course. Stupid corners. It’s a surprise to me that I can actually play this game without having any major freak outs. In reality, I am intensely afraid of the dark, and easily get rattled by the sounds I hear at night. Solution? Slender man. Now I’m not as scared of the dark as before. It’s just that…. Well, it’s more like my main fear shifted from the actual darkness to the possibility of seeing a slender figure lurking in that darkness. It may sound like the same thing, but it’s not. Being scared of Slender man is worse. Being with friends doesn’t make it any better. The feeling of knowing there’s a possibility of being attacked in a group gives me a deep sense of unease. I’m not ashamed though. There are manlier men out there who are indeed afraid of Slendy as I am. It’s no surprise. I have no idea what it is about him that gets to me. It’s like he just has the innate ability to creep people out. It gives me the shivers. I am especially paranoid when I’m walking home from school and it gets dark. There’s this one road that I have to pass before getting home. That road is long and is only lit by three lamp posts placed ridiculously far apart as if to instill fear into people who walk at night. Then there’s the truck. I hate that truck. It’s been there for at least half a year already, and to make things worse, it reminds me of the truck from the original Slender game. Not cool, bro. Not cool. With all this talk of Slender man, I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to sleep straight away. Well, I’ll find out in an hour or two….

So I Found This Trash Can

I really don’t like littering. I’ve been walking around town more often, and I usually see a few dump trucks rolling down the streets doing what they do best. Seeing the hardworking men collect our garbage and zoom off to dispose of it at the local dump site, I started to think how inconsiderate and selfish litterbugs are. Not only are you disposing of your trash in a manner convenient for you, but you’re also making a pain in the back for the people who keep the streets clean. How hard is it really to stuff your trash in your pocket, or at least walk around to find a garbage bin? Disgusting. I’ve had enough of mountains of garbage already. If you’re going to make the place look like a trash can got kicked around, then please, do it somewhere desolate where there are no signs of intelligent life. I’ve hated littering for as long as I can remember, and it really ticks me off to see someone do it. And to think that we’re supposed to be preserving the planet for future generations. Disgraceful. Anyway, if litterers don’t change their ways, then our trash problems won’t end. There will always be that single used tissue ball rolling like tumbleweed on the streets of Baguio city. In fact, I observe that a lot of people aren’t exactly good at handling situations involving trash. It always gets messy. Well, I think I’ll leave it at that. Just remember that the next time you litter, someone will be watching you.