Haiku Compilation vol. 1

Fools fight over it
The great hotpot of our life
We all starve, in time


The wolf howls for one
The prey is caught by many
Then none can survive


Rain falls on my head
I slipped on a puddle
My problems are gone


The sun is shining
Won’t you go with me outside
Old man in the dark


My bowl is empty
There is no one to fill it
It shall stay empty


Falling leaves gather
The tree is now all but bare
For winter has come

Oh, the bamboo sways
It bends but is not broken
Tough as a steel sword


All Formulas and the Black Hero (Inspired by Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu )

A legend foretold of a great demon slayer,
Before him all fiends of the netherworld crumble,
This dark hero king who was clad in black armour,
Though there was a time when he surely did stumble.

With the weight of protecting the world on his back,
His lust for pure power grew ever so stronger,
The undaunted Black Hero had toppled his stack,
And was bound to a hellish prison there yonder.

His chains were thus made from his own ample weakness,
The hand on his valorous sword he could not lift,
So he turned to the darkness–took evil’s caress,
The fallen Black Hero had undergone his shift.

The Black Hero did cry out in utter madness,
And after millenia passed in his bindings,
A soul of destruction had wandered in hapless,
A demon of loneliness sad for his killings.

The lone demon’s name was a herald of knowledge,
Depression had stained his pitiful existence,
“I’ll release you from your simple bindings.” he said,
The bound Black Hero was his only friend in a sense.

His legendary name was All Formulas and,
He offered half his soul for his tormented friend,
So All Formulas split at the clap of his hand,
And the Weaver and Solver were born from his end.

Weaver of All Formulas the Hero did take,
Power surged through his veins for he had had his fill,
The Black Hero then stood, earth would tremble and shake,
He then slaughtered the masses according to will.

He lusted for power, no it was not enough,
He turned to the Solver who stood right by his side,
“Let me devour you.” he then said with a scoff,
True enough he agreed, by friendship he’d abide.

The power to seize all of Earth within his reach,
The Black Hero did savagely suck up the half,
Then All Formulas spoke, and he said a short speech,
“So my life I will give, for my friend I will laugh.”

So the fool called All Formulas ceased to exist,
Not minding the tear in his ironic friendship,
He was shunned by the rest, and he did get the gist,
A sad troubled demon who destruction did whip.

Prisoners (Inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Prisoners of life we are,
Whose journeys end in lands afar,
Within our cells we sob and weep,
For dark despair our secrets keep,
And we who dread the light of day,
Will ever wander in dismay,
For we who sin against each other,
Are doomed to death with one another.

We sing the painful song of woe,
That guards may hear our wicked crow,
And see that we of lowly birth,
Give in to madness and lose our worth,
And pitiful their faces be,
But none shall dare to swipe their key,
And free these fools who sing their song,
A song that’s heard ears of strong.

Our lives are merely lived in vain,
And so our deaths are marked with pain,
A pain that fits the scourge of old,
Whose tales are rare and naught is told,
About these men who seek their folly,
And others round them are ne’er jolly,
The stench of death they often share,
But now they feel too much to bare.

So take your shiv, thrust into me,
And fulfill my final desperate plea,
My sweat and blood shall then be splattered,
On robes of cloth that have been tattered,
And oh how sickened I would feel,
To see you end my life with zeal,
But in this prison cell you’ll stay,
To live in sorrow till your last day.


Departure of the Silver-haired (Inspired by Sakata Gintoki of Gintama)

In the place that we call Kabuki district,
There is a man who captivates souls.
His silver hair is his trademark,
And he eats Uji Gintoki-don bowls.
By the name and the hair you might know him,
But his persona is not what it seems.
He’ll go gallivanting around on a whim,
Where dangers and odd people teem.

Our hero has close to no savings,
And is not one to search for his work.
He has many sugary cravings,
So his dentist is so full of perk.
He owes lots to Shinpachi and Kagura,
Who he’s been with since long before.
As well as his faithful friend Zura,
Who he tends to confound and ignore.

As he journeys through life with no aims,
He makes so many friends on the way.
“I’m just doing my job.” So he claims,
But they know that he’ll be there to stay.
The Shinsengumi are part of his allies,
Though they probably wouldn’t agree.
You’d say that his judgement was wise,
When he set Yoshiwara’s courtesans free.

Now I’m waiting for yet another season,
Of Gintama and this wonderful guy.
I don’t think I need a clear reason,
So don’t even bother asking why.
Shiroyasha the white demon beckons,
For us all to remember his name.
He just wants the publicity I reckon,
But to me it’s all just the same.
He walks with all who he meets,
And imprints in my mind his art.
He walks down Kabukichou’s streets,
And carries on with a samurai heart.