As for December….

My December was normal. I wasn’t even sure if there was anything to note. I found something though.

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The most memorable day for me in December 2013 was probably the final day. 3 days ago, we were preparing to go to my grandfather’s house in Valle Verde for the New Year celebration. I woke up late as usual and ate lunch for breakfast. I was looking forward to the evening mostly because there would be bingo games. That was all I looked forward to at the party. The real reason I remember the day so well other than it happening only a few days ago is that I bought a deck of Vanguard cards on that day. You see, I had wanted a deck for the longest time possible, but there are no card shops back at home. Of course, this implied that I was (and still am) somewhere else. That aside, the trial deck that I bought was from the Narukami clan. I was dismayed when they didn’t have a Gold Paladin trial deck, but I’m still happy with Narukami. Perhaps I enjoyed my deck even more than the New Year party. Speaking of which, the party was just like it was every year. There were a few games for the children, lots of food, and a bit of bingo. I didn’t win any of the bingo games. It got me quite annoyed, but it didn’t ruin the day for me. Lastly we had a grand display of fireworks. I was standing a few meters away from the fireworks when they were lit, so I went temporarily deaf there. Other than that though, the explosions in the sky were pretty. That was probably the first time I went out to see the fireworks, so it was some sort of accomplishment for me. That’s about it.


Since I’m still awake


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Happy new year, everyone. I can honestly say that I suck at keeping a blog. It’s been a while since I actually posted anything. I’ve been checking the stats every now and then, so here’s a memoir to add a new post to this boring blog.

During the course of time in November of 2012, only one event happened that might be worthy of mentioning in a memoir, and that would be the Stay Dead 3 event held by a certain group at the convention center in our city. I recall fussing over schoolwork a few days before the event, which was to happen on the 18th, and I was restless about it. The final date of the event had been moved a few days, and I was still worried about who’d buy the tickets for our team. In the end, my teammates took care of it. I was ridiculously anxious about the game. It was on my mind all the time and just thinking about it made me excited. I woke up early on the day of the event to get there before it was our turn, and ended up running all the way there just to find out that my teammates were still only on the way. I panicked and starting texting like it was the end of the world. The replies were minimalistic, but I got the idea that they were almost there. So then, I waited 2 hours more or less until they actually arrived at the scene, and I was already pretty nervous when they showed up. There was a catch, though. One of our members was still missing, and then a text message was received. He said he left the tickets at home and had gone back to get them. I felt like cursing the world at that moment, but luckily for the world, I kept my cursing to myself. Thankfully he got there in time, but the best part was that we didn’t need the tickets. I laughed at myself for worrying about it in the first place. When it was our turn to go in and see the carnage on the battlefield, I picked up a roll of newspaper as my weapon. The mechanics of the game were simple. You get in, you whack zombies (in certain areas), you get the “survivor” and you get out. It sounded easy enough. The problem is, they forgot to mention that the zombies were veterans, and would show no mercy. The game was carried out two teams at a time. When we got in there, I remember charging in on my own and getting clobbered by a mob of zombies. They ripped of one of the life bands strapped to my arm before I got away. The whole game was pretty quick. We were all annihilated before getting to the next area. We lacked teamwork and ferocity, but it was fun, so I couldn’t care less.