An Even Older Topic

The Philippine RH Bill of 2011 is relatively fresh, and I have heard many conversations and heated debates about it. I think that it’s a good one, and I approve of it. The aims of this bill are clear. To be able to educate the masses in sex education, to encourage the use of natural and modern methods of family planning which are legal, and to inform the people on how to properly take care of a child with their available resources. All the activities, products, and information about the RH Bill are meant to be accessible by all people, regardless of social status, proximity, gender, etc. That’s what’s good about it. It is not biased, like all laws should be. The benefits of this bill are abundant, so let me enumerate a few. First of all, minors would be educated on these matters while they are still young and their minds easily absorb what they learn. In the future, these same people will be more likely become good parents, if not incredibly knowledgeable people on sex education and family planning. If the next generation can grow wiser in these matters, then it could potentially save many families from falling into economic crisis due to poor family planning. Next, we can see that families who are having a hard time handling their numerous children will be taught how to do so in a manner most efficient, and they can learn it for free, too. Also, the bill states about employees’ reproductive health rights being secured, and the spread of information about their rights. The more people who know about it, the less prone they become to abuse. Ladies and gentlemen, I heavily support the Philippine RH Bill of 2011. The way I see it, it was a good addition to our laws. If you’d like to discuss this topic with me, then just say so. It could be fun, for all I know.


Quite an old topic, but still.


Abortion! A scary thing, it is. I myself have never seen an aborted fetus in person. I hope that I should never have to. Well, abortion has been a common topic for a while now, and I still hear about it today. To me, abortion is unethical. Aborting a baby who is yet to be born is basically interfering with a miracle—the miracle of life. Many will tell you that it’s okay since the fetus isn’t really “alive” yet when it is aborted, and therefore you are not killing it, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as something like a pre-emptive strike. I say this because you are still technically taking away its life. The only difference would be the period of time when you took it. That would be my first point. You’re taking the life of the unborn child, regardless of whether or not it is already alive. There is another thing about abortion, though. Abortion can be easily abused by people who have the means to do so. Copulation over and over again without protection, then when the pregnancy test turns our positive, you may simply have an abortion. People who could do it would probably not even hesitate to. They’d be able to keep going and going and going until they either run out of ways to pay for an abortion, or become unfit. They wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted children, now would they? There’s always abortion, you might say. As long as you can pay for it, you might say. In the first place, if you don’t want to have a child, then you should have used contraceptives, or remained in abstinence. That way, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice as many fetuses. So now that I’ve gone and said that, I’ll say that I’m obviously against abortion (I have nothing against miscarriage, though.). If you’d like to discuss this matter with me, then I’d be happy to.

A Short Essay About “That” Law

It has only recently been passed, and it is already causing a stir to all the cyber citizens of the Philippines. I can see why it is so. Many activities that have become almost routine to these people are encompassed by RA 10175. In a sense, their way of life could be threatened. These people probably see the Cybercrime Prevention Law as a hindrance to living. Like them, I am against it. The main reason why I am against it is because some acts punishable by this law are the means of making a living of a multitude of people. If you walk down a few streets here in our city, you’re bound to see one of “those” shops. Without even researching, I know that a significant number of people are involved in the acts stated in the law. After all, I see them every day. I can tell you, not all of them have the money to give if they are caught, and not all of them will fit in jail. If this law is effective, then many people would be put out of jobs, and jobs are already scarce in our country. If this law were to render another portion of our country’s able people jobless, then that would be suffering in itself. If they’re not going to withdraw this law, then they should at least revise it. Not only adults would be affected by this law, but even minors. Ours is a generation where most if not everyone thrives on the computer. Downloading, streaming, you name it. It’s already in our system. It will take a whole lot more to change it, which is why I am positive that many people will be arrested due to this law. This sudden shock to the society will inevitably make it either take another path, or implode altogether. Once again, I am against it. Yes, I am. If you’d like to discuss it with me and explain the many things that I don’t know about the law, then by all means, go.