Catching Up

The picture was taken from the movie 47 Ronin.

This sem, my friend told me to watch the above-mentioned movie. I finally had time to watch and found this at the end. This was a coincidence that I watched it today.

I have a lot to catch up to after the semester was over. I bet all other UP students have a lot of catching up to do too. Even more exciting, the new upcoming Star Wars! Everyone has that something to look forward to.



Honor In Victory, Report In Defeat

If life was a game, then we would all be put in jail for winning. As students, we were taught to have honor in defeat and be humble in victory. Outside the campus, mainly in the Philippines, most would rather report the winning team for reasons they can’t back.


Challenge Accepted

            Not all things challenging happen in campus. There are those seeking situations where they are put under pressure and letting something more exciting happen. Extreme sports or something like slacklining and long distance running, these are just a few of what some college students do in their past time. They look for something other than questionnaires and brain teasers. They seek heart pumping, adrenaline filled, and action-packed adventures.

            Well not all of these activities need to be physical; some students are into hardcore gaming. They play games that get them pumped and drive them into their ‘zones’. Some may also like mind exercises like chess and scrabble. They are in tuned more to those experiences that develop their logic and knowledge further. It may not seem logical to push ourselves further but I guess there is an internal motivation which keeps us at our feet.


Date Night

            Love is that one thing that’s said to be stronger than anything in the Universe. Love is a mere distraction for man undertaking education, as meant by the elderly. There are only a handful of things that can stop intense feelings and little more for heartfelt desires. When students are not riddled by math problems and baffled by innovative projects, their hearts cry out and seek for their other half. Together, two hearts that beat in harmony, they stride through the troubled waters of love.

            Academics may last a few years but true love lasts a lifetime. UP students never truly neglect their studies but often give time to those they love. Whether it’s just sitting around playing with your ‘waifus’/‘husbandos’ or going out on an extravagant night with a (real) person, there will always be time. On one of these starry nights, others review while some go out. We never really just study, we also think of those we admire and of those we desire. It just goes to show, we aren’t just focused on each other’s future but a future together with another.


Take A Moment To Relax

                “Relaxation…” There is no better way to enjoy life than eating (and drinking) the food we love. When the books are closed and our minds are calm, savoring food is just one reason to keep going. Our mind is free and our senses heightened, you can internalize the taste, aroma, texture, sound and beauty of the food we eat. From roundest pizzas to sweetness of Nutellas, we students always find the things that help us relieve stress. Like tasting the Nectar of the Gods, a temporary release from our worries and problems is that which one always longs for. We can’t just have pleasure without pain, they come with each other, following and flowing with one another.

                We always find time to take a break from the rigor of education and the stress of work. Sometimes, we just need to say goodbye to papers and projects and hello to the delicious comfort food and friends to share it with. We look back, put our thumb and pointing finger as close as possible then say, “I was this close to snapping.” When laughter and cheers fill the air, we escape from the hustle and bustle of learning. As Christmas draws near, we think about family and friends. Our minds cool down and rewind like a machine that was overworked and now temporarily shut down.

                They say UP students are the crème de la crop, which implies, they must work the hardest and endure the longest. They also say that working the hardest and enduring the longest will lead to a bountiful harvest. Pain following pleasure such as it is, we cannot separate them, so we strive to for a higher education and yet we must also make stops to enjoy the moment. We need to rest as the journey ahead is long and difficult. So go on, take a break and just relax.