Social Networking, A Way to Catch Up



Almost everyone engages in social networking, some to update themselves with the latest trends, while others use it to contact friends and family, read and create posts and blogs, look at different pictures, watch different videos, and others even tell their own “story” in these sites.

I guess being connected to one another makes it a lot easier and gives people, especially students, a means to vent out their feelings and emotions without the hassle of having to call others to listen to them personally. I personally use some social networking sites for contact purposes and to read on different blogs and posts.



The Melting Pot Called Mineski

IMG_20151214_150224Romel Building, an establishment just in front of the Saint Louis University main gate. A multipurpose building where several businesses reside. A favorite to SLU students for the 7/11 and other needs. It’s not an eye-catching building if you’re an ordinary passerby. But if you’re a gamer, this building is very memorable.


Mineski Infinity, an Internet cafe usually filled with university students. The title in the picture was blocked by electrical wiring, but some students will recognize it right away. Its computer units are filled with updated online and LAN games such as DoTA 2 and LoL. They clock users by the hour except the first where they clock by a half-hour. These traits are common to other Internet cafes, so why is it so special? Well, this place is where SLU and other students unite and battle against another at a regular basis. Games such as DoTA 2 are usually played here, and it is famous for that. Even when this photo was taken during SLU’s hell week, it’s still filled with students! Almost every gamer in SLU know the place. UP is no exception. Although, the place isn’t very renowned since it’s very far away. But some UP students go out of their way and go here to play with students of different universities. They fight, laugh, and have a  good time playing games here. No discrimination, just games.


Ministry Work as a Scholar

Now, this may not be something that every UPB scholar does, but I do it. And I am most definitely a UPB scholar. Despite my flaws. So on the weekends (and sometimes even weekdays) I help out my church by doing volunteer work. I’ve been teaching little children about the word of God in Kids’ church since I was in 3rd year high school. It’s really fun and uplifting lol. Truly, nothing like explaining the gospel to little kids. And just earlier this year, I started volunteering in the multimedia ministry for the 2pm youth service over at Hotel Albergo. It’s pretty fun, and I’ve really gotten more spiritually mature from the experience. The team that the Lord set up really takes the cake. Those guys are great. If you’re reading this, then why don’t you drop by sometime? It’s not just boring church. Church is awesome :b Anywho, there are a ton of other UPB scholars that do ministry work. Heck, there’s even more than just one org dedicated to serving Christ lol. ENC is only one. There’s still SIT and the other guys. Cool, yeah? So there. UPB Scholars do serve Jesus. Say what you like, and think what you want, but this is true. It may not be true for all, but ofc, I’m hoping that someday, it will be. Here, have a picture of the 2pm team.12358463_1031886590197048_1192378201_n


Catching Up

The picture was taken from the movie 47 Ronin.

This sem, my friend told me to watch the above-mentioned movie. I finally had time to watch and found this at the end. This was a coincidence that I watched it today.

I have a lot to catch up to after the semester was over. I bet all other UP students have a lot of catching up to do too. Even more exciting, the new upcoming Star Wars! Everyone has that something to look forward to.


Light Novels: The Imagination’s Getaway


Books have always been a form of entertainment from way back. And now books have trannscended into a more digital age, namely e-books. These can be found in the internet and is shared among people. And among these, I usually read light novels.

They are great since the story line is a lot more complete than the anime or the manga (if it has an adaptation). It is also much more vivid in the character’s expression leaving you to imagine rather than watch what is happening reuslting in a more in-depth and colorful picture of the scenes depicted in the story.

Light Novel cover attached to this is entitled Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru

This is about girls who have been chosen by the “Taisha” to defend their life tree, which protects the people of their world from the mysterious beings called “Vertexes”. And through defending they bloom resulting in greater power but it causes diverse side-effects to their bodies in the real world.

Read it and you might like it. By the way, it has an anime sequel if your not into light novels, named Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru