This site was formerly known as Gakusei Blankets, a high school project site by Mark Young. It has undergone changes and new admins have joined. Now, it’s called Straight Outta UP, a site where we show official events from UP as well as our random everyday thoughts. Here are the admins:

Mark Genesis Young

I’m obviously the original owner of this WordPress account, which is now shared by 5 people, since we didn’t really wanna make new accounts. I include my name in my posts anyway, so you know which ones are mine lol. So anywho, I’m in 2nd year Computer Science, trying to not fail. Not much else to say.

Eduard Bryan Rivera

Greetings! Ycon_ER here. You might know me as a failure of a human being. I watch anime, read manga, and play video games. Yes, that’s what I do on my day offs. I recently got a job as a guitar tutor at Music World. Guess that makes me less of a failure of a human being, huh. I have a dream of just lazing around at home doing nothing. Yup, back to being a failure. But hopefully that will change (yeah, right).

Richard Angelo Praxedes

Hi there! My name here is Cyanide. I don’t have a lot to say actually. I play video games, watch anime, and just laze around all day. I like slice of life anime. I don’t have a true favorite, but if I were to choose it would be Love Live! and Yuru Yuri. They’re just the kind of anime that will let you forget about your problems and deal with them instead. They can have a nice and fluffy atmosphere and a nerve-wracking one depending on the scene. I love it! I love anime!

Lance Oliver Licnachan

There’s nothing really to discuss about me. I am just an average weeaboo looking for something else to watch. I say hell yeah to anime, games and adventure. My name here is MS or Mom’s Spaghetti just because I can. Well most of my posts will focus on what my fellow students are doing in their free time. Well, that’s about it. (I guess)

Aldo Kilian Alvarado

Hey, IF here. Basically, I like to play games, watch anime, read manga and light novels, draw random stuffs, and bike occasionally. But usually I just think of what I want to do on the spot so… yeah. If your wondering where AKA came from well just look at my name Aldo Kilian Alvarado, while IF is just my alias (AKA) in games that I play. Did that confuse you? Well, “If you can’t convince them, confuse ’em, teehee”.


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