The Melting Pot Called Mineski

IMG_20151214_150224Romel Building, an establishment just in front of the Saint Louis University main gate. A multipurpose building where several businesses reside. A favorite to SLU students for the 7/11 and other needs. It’s not an eye-catching building if you’re an ordinary passerby. But if you’re a gamer, this building is very memorable.


Mineski Infinity, an Internet cafe usually filled with university students. The title in the picture was blocked by electrical wiring, but some students will recognize it right away. Its computer units are filled with updated online and LAN games such as DoTA 2 and LoL. They clock users by the hour except the first where they clock by a half-hour. These traits are common to other Internet cafes, so why is it so special? Well, this place is where SLU and other students unite and battle against another at a regular basis. Games such as DoTA 2 are usually played here, and it is famous for that. Even when this photo was taken during SLU’s hell week, it’s still filled with students! Almost every gamer in SLU know the place. UP is no exception. Although, the place isn’t very renowned since it’s very far away. But some UP students go out of their way and go here to play with students of different universities. They fight, laugh, and have a  good time playing games here. No discrimination, just games.



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