Ministry Work as a Scholar

Now, this may not be something that every UPB scholar does, but I do it. And I am most definitely a UPB scholar. Despite my flaws. So on the weekends (and sometimes even weekdays) I help out my church by doing volunteer work. I’ve been teaching little children about the word of God in Kids’ church since I was in 3rd year high school. It’s really fun and uplifting lol. Truly, nothing like explaining the gospel to little kids. And just earlier this year, I started volunteering in the multimedia ministry for the 2pm youth service over at Hotel Albergo. It’s pretty fun, and I’ve really gotten more spiritually mature from the experience. The team that the Lord set up really takes the cake. Those guys are great. If you’re reading this, then why don’t you drop by sometime? It’s not just boring church. Church is awesome :b Anywho, there are a ton of other UPB scholars that do ministry work. Heck, there’s even more than just one org dedicated to serving Christ lol. ENC is only one. There’s still SIT and the other guys. Cool, yeah? So there. UPB Scholars do serve Jesus. Say what you like, and think what you want, but this is true. It may not be true for all, but ofc, I’m hoping that someday, it will be. Here, have a picture of the 2pm team.12358463_1031886590197048_1192378201_n



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